Film Club @ The Sports & Social Club

KSSC Kineton Film Club has been showing films at the Club since January 2009. Sometime in 2015 we will show our 150th film and with an average audience size of 40+ we will pass 6000 total attendees. Our smallest viewing figure was 6 (Train Your Dragon 2) and our largest 108 (Slumdog Millionaire).The majority of attendees are KSSC Members but non members are also welcome (they have to pay the KSSC signing in fee to use the Top Bar facilities).

Initially we only showed films that came under the auspices of Stratford District Council’s Rural Cinema (Moving Cinema) scheme which aims to provide a high quality cinematic experience to people living in areas of rural isolation, and to help increase the use, value and sustainability of community venues throughout the district.

There are approximately 30 villages across the district participating in the Rural Cinema scheme and since its inception in November 2007, over 24,000 residents have attend a screening with 900 volunteers supporting the scheme annually, Films are selected via a voting system and are generally shown as soon as possible to the DVD release date. We charge for entry for these films and advertise widely.
Over recent years and with financial support from Kineton Parish Council we have introduced a ‘Free to Members’ Film Scheme. This scheme allows us to extend the range of films we show but the terms of the licence limit our advertising or charging for entry (non KSSC members have to pay the KSSC signing in fee). Information on these films is put on the Club’s internal noticeboards or via the club E Mail distribution list (E Mail to be added).