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Kineton Speed and Traffic Monitoring Report

Data from the speed indicator and data collection unit in the village has been collected and  is ready for you to read below.

During May/June our first records were obtained from the lamppost close to the bridge across the old
railway cutting on Warwick Road. The records are for vehicles entering the village.

The second installation records vehicle data in the 40mph limit area on Banbury Road in July, again
tracking detail for traffic approaching the village.

The third installation was placed in Bridge Street as from 10 September.

We must accept that by using a single piece of equipment the information has flaws (eg we are only
recording snapshots, the information doesn’t tell us where the traffic goes to eg Warwick Road turning left
or right at the T junction at the church etc).

However it does provide us with an accurate benchmark. The plan is that by the year end it is intended to
have set the benchmark for volume and average speed of traffic entering the village on all five main routes.
Following this, we can then repeat the exercise but for traffic leaving the village to provide us with more
intelligence about which direction the traffic is going and when. We can then repeat the recordings year
after year after year to identify trends.

Read/download the full report Kineton PC Meeting 25 September 2018 Vehicle Monitoring.


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