Over 60,000 premises now able to connect to the fibre network




Over 60,000 households and businesses are now able to get high-speed broadband, thanks to the CSW Broadband Project.

The pace of the roll-out and the mixture of technology being used by engineers from Openreach means dozens more properties are going ‘live’ on an almost daily basis. Many of these will be “Exchange Only” lines, or at some distance from existing fibre infrastructure, so Kineton property owners may not realise that they can now connect to the new network.

Kineton residents and businesses are therefore urged to keep checking whether they can access the technology by checking the BT DSL checker to establish which infrastructure your property is connected to. For the best results you will need to be able to enter a BT landline number for your property. If you do not have this then you can use your address, but it may be less accurate. Do not use the BT postcode checker as that covers too wide an area to be of any use. The How to use the BT DSL Line checker page on the CSW Broadband website contains a handy guide to interpreting the results of the BT checker.

There is still a lot more coverage to come between now and the end of 2019, and the CSW broadband team are actively seeking additional funding to take the fibre network still further.

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