Swan Singers

Our Approach
We want as many people as possible to enjoy the pleasures of singing and, for that reason, our choir has a fully open entry policy. We don’t want anyone to worry if they are good enough or whether they will fit in. What we all have in common is that we love singing and we want you to as well. We perform a wide range of music, classical modern, and traditional so there is plenty of variety and everyone is catered for.
Can’t read music? Doesn’t matter; most of us didn’t when we started, but we have learned enough to cope and you will gain more skill as time goes on. Not sure if you are a soprano, alto, tenor or bass? Doesn’t matter; we can work that out in a few minutes. Never sung in public? Well the great thing about a choir is that your voice is one among many and you can feel your way, getting more confident as you learn. Though we hope that the experience of being in a group will give you confidence, it is important that you don’t feel pressurised, so you don’t have to join performances until you feel ready. We have lots of good, experienced singers and they are a great support to those of us who are finding our feet and are happy to help.
You are welcome to come along to a few rehearsals and see if the choir is for you without having to make any commitment up front. If you do decide to join us, we will be very pleased, but will understand if you don’t. There is no pressure.

Our Director
Choirs only exist if someone leads them, so the Director is the key person in any choir which will be formed in his or her image. We are very fortunate to be led by Gary Beman.
Gary and a number of experienced singers created the choir at the end of 2014 and the fact that it has attracted and retained so many members shows that he is well regarded. Gary tells the story that he first attended a choir when in a rock band in his younger days seeking to improve his singing voice. He fell in love with choir singing and never went back! His enthusiasm for music and singing is enormous and he leads the choir with great humour and understanding. He is very knowledgeable, but wears it lightly and understands the problems and challenges facing singers at all levels. He is always supportive and very patient. He aims to get the very best out of us by encouragement and lots of practice. His commitment is huge and we are very lucky to have him as our Director.