Kineton Classic Gatherings

On the first Thursday in the month from 6:00 onwards Classic Car and motorbike rallies have been hosted on the playing fields in front of the clubhouse. These run from April through to October.

They have grown to occupy most of the football pitch and are a great way to while away a summer’s evening looking round these great vehicles with a pint in hand (other drinks available too !). Some of the bikes and cars are true classics ranging from BSA or Norton bikes to C-Type Jags, Mustangs or the good old Triumph Vitesse. We’ve even had armoured cars and tractors. We get different vehicles every month.

If you have a vehicle that would interest people then come along and show it off, otherwise just come and look !

Dates for this year are (always first Thursday in the month May to October) :

  • Thursday 7 May
  • Thursday 4 June
  • Thursday 2 July
  • Thursday 6 August
  • Thursday 3 September
  • Thursday 1 October

The event runs from 6pm to 8pm.   All cars welcome. BBQ. Nice beers. Coffee/tea

Parking will be as follows:

Bikes under 25 years old on hard standing  on the left hand side of the entrance road from the cricket nets back towards the entrance once full the gravel area can be used on the right at the end of the clubhouse.

‘Custom Bikes’ in a similar vein to the cars – bikes under 25 years of special interest (eg Customs/Exotica), please proceed to the area in front of the Hall on the right-hand side (just past the smokers shelter).

Bikes over 25 years old to park in the area in front of the hall/Bar on the left-hand side by the field as usual.

Cars etc –
The Supercars/specialist under 25 year old vehicles to proceed onto the field and park around the edge of the field starting at the bottom by the big trees, working clockwise (ie left to right) around the perimeter of the field;

Cars/Vans/Pickups over 25 years old to proceed onto the field where you will be parked in rows parallel to the Hall/Clubhouse as usual.

Area at the left of the field will be reserved for Groups plus the old Tractors/Buses/oversized cars etc if they come, please let us know if a group of you are coming and want to be together (ahhhhhhhhh!).

Any visitors attending in vehicles outside of the above categories should park in the back field behind the clubhouse, please obey the instructions of the Marshalls at all times when being directed around the site.

Site safety
Please can all Members/Guests/Visitors please keep speed down to 5mph on site,and drive/ride responsibly when arriving at/leaving the site. 

Please contact the Club at or Mel on 01926 642474 if you have any questions.