River Meadows care home looking for volunteers and staff

If you live in Kineton (or know someone that does) and have been adversely affected by COVID-19 and are therefore looking for work to top up your income, we can help.

We are actively starting to look for both volunteers and staff who wish to be paid to help out in our care home River Meadows as a contingency measure should we hit a staffing crisis.

We are able to offer both volunteering opportunities for all ages (except over 70’s and school age – college is fine) plus short term contracts. We are able to fast track recruitment processes where safe to do so and therefore will be able to offer a quick resolution if people are struggling financially.

We would not be looking for people to provide personal care necessarily, more social support, domestic duties etc. If people have particular skills, we would be interested in hearing from them.

For more information please contact Vicki Shaw – vickishaw@prime-life.co.uk or call 07867 391567 / 0116 2746436

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