Upcoming Road Closure 5 Nov 2020 – 18 Dec 2020 (Update)

Below is an update from the Parish Council regarding the upcoming Warwick Road closure 5 Nov 2020 – 18 Dec 2020. 

From the number of responses to the Sunday Facebook post by Gill at Flower Thyme, it looks like the significance of the information on the road closure signage erected on Warwick Road had not been absorbed.

The Parish Council were already very aware of the disruption and inconvenience the proposed road closure would cause the residents and businesses of Kineton (and the surrounding area).

 The PC was made aware in July that a potential road closure could occur, but the timing and extent was not disclosed at that time. A reference to the closure was posted in Outlook in August/September.

The PC has been in very frequent contact with Warwickshire County Council, which is the Highway Authority, since the start date and duration were notified. We have expressed grave concern, attempting to get better information out to all those affected and requesting that the duration of any closure is shortened. To date, despite repeated efforts, the concerns of the PC have met with little success although representations are still ongoing. The PC understand the emotion that is circulating about this issue and are doing all they can through the official channels available to them. 

The need for a meeting with the PC, officers and the Leader of the Council had already been agreed by them. We will provide an update here on the Kineton.info website once that meeting has taken place.

For more detail of the activity by the Parish Council associated with this road closure please look at this document A Summary of Events Leading up to Now

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